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Connect classroom lessons to school cafeteria learning lab!

School food service has the unique opportunity to enrich classroom lessons from our Daily Scoop & Cool Beans from Around the World nutrition curricula, by promoting delicious bean-based meals in the school cafeteria. Cool Bean quantity recipes below.    *ID =In development

Each module in our curricula is ideally taught in a specific month, to recognize a timely cultural holiday or celebration. Using the lessons and recipes in conjunction, schools will support better nutrition for students,  cultivate a culture of curiosity and appreciation for our global community, and create an inclusive school environment that celebrates diversity.  

Beans are so cool – they’re versatile, multicultural, economical, and they help COOL the planet! It’s no wonder food experts around the world have declared beans the “Superfood of the Future!  Check out our Cool Bean quantity recipe collection, plus resources from trailblazers who truly care for kids: Physicians Committee, Coalition for Healthy School FoodMeatless Mondays & the CIA!

Cool Bean Quantity Recipes, FALL

October, America’s Bean – Navy Bean
Boston Baked Beans 
Purple Power Bean Wrap
       Protein packed Pasta Marinara           
Ship Shape Carrot & Navy Bean Salad*

November, Native American – Kidney
Three Sisters Stew (swap w kidney) 
     Super Sweet Potato & Bean Chili
         Cool Beans & Beyond Baked Pasta         Three Saucy Sisters Salad Bar Mix*

Cool Bean Quantity Recipes, WINTER

Cool Bean Quantity Recipes, SPRING