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About Us

Barbara Gates

Founder & President

Barbara has been a children’s health educator and advocate since her own children entered public school, and in 2003 spearheaded a CA coalition to successfully pass the first ever school lunch legislation calling for daily plant-based vegetarian school lunches and nutrition education that includes the vegan/vegetarian perspective (ACR 16, CA 2003). Three more states followed suit. She founded HKHP in 2010, to further the goals of the legislation. Barbara earned a BFA in theatre, and every now and again works as a professional actress in So Cal.

Shura Hammond

Program Director - Eat for the Planet

Shura has been involved in education efforts centered around plant-based eating and environmental protection for nearly ten years. After gaining diverse experiences with multiple nonprofits in this field, Shura joined HKHP’s team in 2018, expanding and managing our Eat for the Planet program for high school and college students. The program continues to grow throughout California and beyond! Shura earned her BA in Social Psychology. She is a passionate educator and skilled speaker, who loves spending her days empowering youth to create a better world.

Christina Ortega

Board Member

A former firefighter, Christina is currently the proud mom of 3 spirited boys and serves on the school PTSO with a special focus in the school garden. She also serves as the associate director for children’s ministry at a local interfaith community bible study fellowship. Christina is a certified personal trainer and passionate about health, fitness and giving back.

Jason Folkman

Board Member

Jason worked for nearly two decades as a full time high school social studies and English teacher, until… becoming a full time parent after adopting four fantastic kids with husband Victor. As a parent and educator, he is passionate about empowering kids to learn about healthful, humane and sustainable meals. He now spends time at home preparing nutritious meals, volunteering at his children’s school and in the school’s garden, jogging with the kids and walking his two dogs.

Angela Bailey

Board Member

Angela Bailey is mom to Rowan and Savannah, a real estate professional, and a long time advocate & activist for children’s health, environmental and animal rights issues. Angela is a member of the Community Resource Center in Encinitas and formerly served as President of the San Diego Feral Cat Coalition. She recently moved to Carlsbad, and is excited to be a part of HKHP’s very unique and important nutrition education/food justice efforts.

Erin Riley-Carrasco

Board Member

Erin Riley-Carrasco is a mother, 30 year business owner, adrenal cancer survivor and a life-long social justice activist. She is dedicated to helping people shift to healthier plant-based diets, empowering them to create a greener and more compassionate world for all. Erin is proud to serve on the Board of Lean and Green Kids, as she believes educating children is one of the most powerful catalysts for creating positive social change.

Advisory Board

Amy Haessly, Child Nutrition Director, Fallbrook Union ESD

Miguel Villarreal, Child Nutrition Director CA & TX (retired)

Lita Esposito, Middle School Science Teacher & Track Coach

Ken Fisher,  Businessman & Founder of Heal the Planet

Leslie Engel, Elementary School Teacher

Cheryl Craig, Registered Dietician, Member American Dietetic Association

Adrianne Hakes, Retired School Superintendent & School Board Member

Phil Goscienski, MD, Pediatrician (retired) and Author, the Stone Age Diet