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Let’s bring plant positive messaging to classrooms and school cafeterias!

When students (and educators) view the beautiful images and bold plant-positive messages of our Daily Scoop / Cool Bean Posters – over the course of an entire school year (or 12!) – we change attitudes to create the cultural shift necessary for a healthier, greener and kinder world!

We also have cool and colorful  School Cafeteria Nutrition Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
– super fun “commericals” to  deliver nutrition education in a dyanamic and captivating way! 
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                       Order – or sponsor – a set of 10 Cool Bean classroom posters for suggested donation of $30.00, includes shipping                                                *Include note and address with donation if you would like posters shipped)

ATTENTION EDUCATORS & SCHOOL NUTRITION PROFESSIONALS, much lower cost if ordering in quantity! 
email for more information. 

Poster (11×17) & Banner  (2′ x 3’pdf for print) in 500+ schools/university dining halls.

One of nine Cool Bean posters, that align with HKHP’s Daily Scoop program. (11″ x 17″)

The Cool Bean classroom / cafeteria posters are a component of HKHP’s Daily Scoop nutrition education program, which highlights a “Harvest of the Month” and a “Cool Bean of the Month.” Each cool bean of the month has a social studies connection, helping to foster an appreciation for plant-foods, as well as our diverse global community. 

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September/Fall Poster – click here for pdf to print

October/Fall Poster – click here for pdf to print

November/Fall Poster – click here for pdf to print


December/Winter Poster – click for pdf to print

January/Winter Poster – click here for pdf to print

February/Winter Poster – click for pdf to print