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Our Cool Bean School  Lunch Recipe Collection is undergoing a revision process. Check back Fall 2022 for a thoughtfully curated resource to support school nutrition professionals.

cool bean school lunch recipe book

Beans, the Lean and Green Protein!

Each recipe in the collection will feature a “Cool Bean” to meet the USDA school meal requirement for protein.

Our vision is for teachers to use the Daily Scoop & Cool Beans from Around the World nutrition curricula in the classroom, and for school food service to enrich the lessons, serving the delicious quantity recipes in the school cafeteria. 

Each module in our curricula is ideally taught in a specific month, to recognize a timely cultural holiday or celebration. Using the lessons and recipes in conjunction, schools have an opportunity to support better nutrition for their students,  cultivate a culture of curiosity and appreciation for our global community, and create an inclusive school environment that celebrates diversity.  

Beans  are cool for so many reasons… they’re versatile, multicultural, economical, and a super green protein! It’s no wonder food experts around the world have declared beans the “Superfood of the Future!”

*Currently, beans (including tofu & bean burgers) are the allowable whole food, plant-based meat-alternate protein in the National School Lunch Prog

September, INTRO to Cool Beans
Lean and Green Cool Bean Burger
Pasta Power Salad
Cool & Green Turtle Bean Salad/Wrap

October, America’s Bean – Navy Bean
Boston Baked Beans & Baker
Purple Power Wrap
Ship Shape Carrot Salad

November, Native American – Kidney
Rainbow Red Bean Bowl
Grateful Harvest Pasta
Three Sisters Salad/Wrap


December, Middle East – Garbanzo
Rockin’ Moroccan Chili
​Fantastic Falafel
Chicks for World Peas Salad/Wrap

January, Africa – Black Eyed Peas
Lucky Soul Chili Bowl
Black Eyed Peas n’ Rice Bowl
​Sweet Potato Soul Salad/Wrap

February, China – Soy Bean
Amazing Lo Mein
Tasty Teriyaki Tofu Bowl
Exquisite Edamame and Corn Salad

March, India – Lentils
Spiced Lentil Curry
Shepherd’s Pie
Lentil Mash Up Salad/Wrap

April, Brazil – Black Beans
Tantalizing Tacos
Scrumptious Sloppy Joe’s
Cool Beans n’ Beyond Pasta Bake

May, Mexico – Pinto Beans
Fiesta Rice Bowl
Enticing Enchiladas
Ensalada Especial Con Frijoles